Just me and my Bobble Bottle

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On day I was at the store purchasing bottled water when I thought to myself, WOW we sure do go thru a lot of water bottles! Of course I always recycle them but it still ends up being a lot of waste when you’re taking in 80 ounces of water per day. I’m always looking […]

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Healthy Alternatives

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As some of you may already know (at least I hope you assume from reading my post) that I embrace a very healthy life style. I’ve noticed that over the last 3 years might diet has improved drastically every year. As I educate my self about what is healthy and what is unhealthy for my […]

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Food Should Taste Good…sure should

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Most people like to have some chips every now and then and there are those that like to have them far more than other. I’m an every now and them type of chip eater, and I only like corn chips not potato chips, I never eat potato chips they’re just not my thing. Whenever I […]

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Synergy Kombucha is Back!

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I was so bummed when Synergy announced they would be removing all of their products from the shelves of grocery stores and health food stores across the US! Oh no! The panic started to set in, what happened?, what can I supplement it with?, will they be coming back? The problem started after Lindsay Lohan’s alcohol […]

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Just say no to soda!

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So…I don’t drink soda. It has waaaaaaaay too much sugar (the artificial kind) and it hurts my throat (too much carbonation), but I still like to have something with a little fizz every now and then…ok maybe every week so I drink Izze Sparkling Juice instead. Izzes are made from all natural fruit juices, they […]

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