Reformer Pilates = a great workout

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So as I stated before I love going to the gym. I do a number of different workouts that work for my body. One of my favorite workouts and the only thing I do for strength training is reformer pilates. The machine looks like a torture chamber but it’s rather delightful. This workout helps with […]

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The BEST workout pants ever!

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I’m a gym rat 🙂 I’m in the gym at least 5 days a week and on some of those days I go 2 times in 1 day whewwww that’s a lot of sweat! I’ve tried several kinds of workout pants and I finally found the purrrrrrfect pair, they are the Wunder Under pants from […]

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LA Open Calls

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Here’s a list of open calls that happen in Los Angeles every week, please call to confirm the time and day because I got this list about 9 months ago before I signed with FORD. For tips on how to prepare for open call please watch my video HERE . Good Luck…and don’t forget to […]

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