Just me and my Bobble Bottle

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On day I was at the store purchasing bottled water when I thought to myself, WOW we sure do go thru a lot of water bottles! Of course I always recycle them but it still ends up being a lot of waste when you’re taking in 80 ounces of water per day. I’m always looking for ways to reduce my carbon footprint so I was on the hunt for something more efficient. 

I bought a Brita picture and I would filter my water and refill my aluminium water bottle, I was content until I came across the Bobble. A water bottle with a built in filter? Really?! You can get about 100 bottles of water from one $5 filter and teh starter bottle which includes your first filter is only about $10.

I love it, I never leave home without it and if I do I feel empty inside and thirsty 🙂 I can fill it up with tap water from anywhere and it filters it, can’t beat that. It’s perfect for traveling you take it thru security empty and once you past security you can fill it up at a fountain instead of being forced to buy a $4 bottle of water. HA!

Drink Up!