Synergy Kombucha is Back!

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I was so bummed when Synergy announced they would be removing all of their products from the shelves of grocery stores and health food stores across the US! Oh no! The panic started to set in, what happened?, what can I supplement it with?, will they be coming back?

The problem started after Lindsay Lohan’s alcohol bracelet monitor went off and she claims to have only been drinking the Synegy Kombucha teas which she was photographed on several different occasions with one in her hand. The teas were said to have less than 0.5% alcohol due to the natural fermentation of the tea over a 30 day period, but with their extended shelf life the alcohol content would keep rising as they sat waiting to be bought.

Long story short they changed the formula, made a shorter shelf life and now they’re back with a bang. The teas are a little more mild but they taste the same and have all of the same healthy benefits. I’m so happy they’re back…Synergy you rock my world. For more information about the benefits of kombucha and to find a local store visit