Food Should Taste Good…sure should

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Most people like to have some chips every now and then and there are those that like to have them far more than other. I’m an every now and them type of chip eater, and I only like corn chips not potato chips, I never eat potato chips they’re just not my thing.

Whenever I get a craving for chips, I always buy Food Should Taste Good chips, they are yummy-yum and very healthy. I first discovered them in this Gluten Free store that I shop at; often. I first tried the cinnamon (which has since been discontinued, not sure why but it has, bummer), it was delicious and there was very little sugar in the chips and it was evaporated cane sugar. I could eat an entire bag in one sitting…not good. I had to get a grip and so I cut back and came back to reality.

Once they cut off the cinnamon I decided to try a few other flavors to substitute the cinnamon. The chocolate is mild and very good. I then branched out and tried the blue corn, multigrain, sweet potato, olive, jalapeno and yellow corn. They are all very delicious, they are Gluten Free, not genetically modified, all natural, vegan, cholesterol free and many other good things. On the back of each bag they suggest food that is great paired with that flavor, very helpful if you like to add a little something to your deliciousness.

I only have 3 flavors left to try, lime, cheddar and the works.

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