San Francisco Open Calls

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Here’s a list of open calls that happen in San Francisco every week. Always call in advance to confirm these open call times just to make sure they’re still correct. There are more agencies in San Francisco but these are the ones that I’m most familiar with. For tips on how to prepare for open call please watch my video […]

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What to wear to Open Call?

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Ok, so I did a YouTube video on this same topic but I thought I would also write a little about it as well. I’ve had several people ask me what should they wear to open call and I always tell people to “keep it simple” “less is more”. This seems sort of hard for most […]

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Synergy Kombucha is Back!

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I was so bummed when Synergy announced they would be removing all of their products from the shelves of grocery stores and health food stores across the US! Oh no! The panic started to set in, what happened?, what can I supplement it with?, will they be coming back? The problem started after Lindsay Lohan’s alcohol […]

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