What to wear to Open Call?

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Ok, so I did a YouTube video on this same topic but I thought I would also write a little about it as well. I’ve had several people ask me what should they wear to open call and I always tell people to “keep it simple” “less is more”. This seems sort of hard for most people because in everyday life when you are trying to impress someone you dress to impress which is usually something fancy schmancy or something that stands out. It’s probably not a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, just guessing. In this industry you want to make sure all of the focus is on you and your lovely face, you do not want to wear anything that’s going to take away from you.

It’s ok to wear a solid colored fashion top such as a puff sleeve top or an off the shoulder top, or you  can keep it really simple and wear a v-neck tee. For the bottoms you should wear form fitting flattering dark denim or dark leggings if you want to go for a more fashionable look. Always, always, always wear heels, at least 3″ so you can elongate your legs and body. Accessories are generally not a good idea because they take away from your face, but a watch and small stud earrings are ok. It pretty cold in most agency’s offices so bring a blazer or a scarf that you can wrap up in.

Ummmm yeah and don’t forget to SMILE! 🙂

American Apparel deep v-neck tee