Model Talk Part 1

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The modeling industry like any other industry has a language all it’s own. There are a lot of terms I use that a lot of people may or not be familar with so I want to do a few entries as well as youtube videos that will help people better understand what I’m talking about. This being the first part of this series, I’m going to keep it simple 🙂

  • Casting – a company/client selecting models for a specific job.
  • Go-see – similar to a casting but usually more in depth, more like a interview.
  • Open call – similar to a casting, the client/company sees all models that fit the description of the model they are looking for.
  • Cattle call – when several agencies send A LOT of models to one broad casting. Sometimes as broad as a company casting for models 5’9″ and up. That’s pretty general so you can imagine how many girls would show up.
  • Request casting/go-see – this is a casting that a model has been specifically chosen to attend, like a VIP casting 🙂
  • Fitting –  trying on clothes to make sure the fit and style is suitable for the photoshoot, fashion show, etc. They’re always done
  • Call time – the time you are scheduled to be at a casting or on set (never arrive late!).

Ok, this seems like enough for now. There’s plenty more to follow.