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What to wear to Open Call?

Ok, so I did a YouTube video on this same topic but I thought I would also write a little about it as well. I’ve had several people ask me what should they wear to open call and I always tell people to “keep it simple” “less is more”. This seems sort of hard for most […]

Modeling Tips From a FORD Model: Finding a Photographer

There are a lot of photographers to choose from so it can be a little overwhelming trying to pick one. Here are a few helpful tips to help you find a decent affordable photographer.

Skincare Tips from a Ford Model: Drink lots of water

One of the key ingredients for obtaining clear skin is drinking the proper amount of water, 64 oz. per day to be exact 🙂

Fitness Tips from a Ford Model: My Workout Routine

I swear the gym is like my second home but I don’t mind at all, I love working out! This is what I do to stay in shape and to be able to eat my homemade doughnuts without a guilty conscious every now and then 😉

Just me and my Bobble Bottle

On day I was at the store purchasing bottled water when I thought to myself, WOW we sure do go thru a lot of water bottles! Of course I always recycle them but it still ends up being a lot of waste when you’re taking in 80 ounces of water per day. I’m always looking […]